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THANOS ANASTOPOULOS – producer. Born in Athens. Studied philosophy at the University of Ioannina. Post-graduate studies in philosophy and cinema in Paris (Paris I, EHESS). In 1996 he co-founded the independent production company Fantasia Audiovisual. He directed the feature films Atlas (Rotterdam 2004) and Correction (World Premiere – Berlin Film Festival 2008). Correction participated in more than 50 international festivals winning 11 awards. He produced the short films of Christos Dimas (Breath, Amerikanos) and Aris Bafaloukas’ See No Evil, and the feature films Close, So Close! and Ricordi Mi by Stella Theodorakis and 3 Moments by Petros Sevastikoglou. He is currently producing the debut feature film Amnesty by Bujar Alimani and his next film as a director, Stray.

YOULA BOUDALI screenplay / Anna. Studied Theatre at the University of Athens (BA) and the University of Crete (MA), film and media at the Instituut Media en Re – Presentatie at the University of Utrecht. As an actor she has trained at the Stella Adler Studio in N. York, the Poor School and the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Since 2000 she is training independently in dance and singing at studios in Athens, Berlin, London and N. York. She directed the documentaries Erasmus: Questions on Culture and Communal Kitchen. She has co-signed with Syllas Tzoumerkas the script for the short film Rain ( 1st Greek National Award for short film 2000) and for the feature film Homeland, where she also worked as an actor. She is currently performing her theatre monologue Caucasian Phoenix in Athens.

ALEXANDROS CHANTZIS – 2nd assistant director, making-of. Alexandros Chantzis was born in Agrinion, 1985. He has worked for many-a-one theatre productions (as an assistant production designer of Mayou Trikerioti) and three movies: Pure Youth by E. Lygizos (2004), The Ηeart of the Beast by R. Haralambidis (2005), and Homeland by S. Tzoumerkas (2009). He directed the short film Student Occupation (Award of Promising Director, National Short Film Festival of Drama 2009). He’s publisher of the student magazine Kaleidoskopio and he’s still an undergraduate student at the University of Athens (Department of Informatics and Telecommunications).

MARIA DRANDAKI – producer. Studied Communication and Cultural Management and completed her studies in Cultural Studies & Cinema. She was executive producer in Alexis Alexiou’s feature debut Tale 52, which was invited in the official selection of Rotterdam International Film Festival’s Tiger Awards Competition in 2008, Toronto International Film Festival (Discovery Section), Sitges, Catalonian Int. Film Festival –  Best Screenplay Award in 2008 and a series of other film festivals. She was the Greek ‘’Producer on the move’’ during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. She is currently in the post-production of the film Paradise by Panayiotis Fafoutis. Selected Films: My African Heart by Syllas Tzoumerkas (in development); Stage Fright by Georgios Zois (in development); Paradise by Panayiotis Fafoutis (in post-production); Casus Belli (short) by Georgios Zois (in post – production); Homeland (2010) by Syllas Tzoumerkas; Tale 52 (2007) by Alexis Alexiou (exec prod) –

DROG_A_TEK – original music. drog_A_tek is a flexible musical band re-inventing itself at each meeting. A mixed and eclectic set of improvisation disorder, they formed in 2001 in Athens, record moments in real-time and produce temporary audiovisual environments. They use objects, analogue and digital musical instruments, typewriters, frequencies, images, recording archives / waste and technology landscapes to which manufactures small public fragmented narratives. drog_A_tek develop the shows beyond any normally use their materials. Emitting, and receiving known / unknown stories and ephemeral desires. Print music, posters, stickers, writing on walls and on the internet. They have played at the Athens Festival, in various clubs in Athens and Thessaloniki, and many other festivals. Homeland is their first film score.

MARIA KALLIMANI – Eleni. Studied archaeology and history of art at the University of Athens, and acting at the Embros drama school. She participated in several acclaimed stage performances (Angela, Ghost Sonata, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, The Winter’s Tale, King John, Birthday Party, Blackbird, Vasha, The Trojan Women, among others). She participated in the prime-time TV-series 10, En Iordani and Nyhterino Deltio. Her film credits include Homeland, Knifer by Yannis Ikonomidis and the new film by Sotiris Goritsas.

ZOE LIANOSTATHI – Nandia. Zoe Lianostathi studied theatre at the University of Patras. She has worked as an assistant director and text editor for stage performances. She directed the stage performances The Middleclass Marriage (by Bertolt Brecht, Atheato Theatro, Corinth 2003), A Light by Me Continually (performance based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Atheato Theatro, Corinth 2006), Vimata (performance based on Samuel Becket’s Footfalls, Sfendoni theatre, 2006) and The Flesh Made World (performance based on Nick Cave’s novel And the Ass saw the Angel, Booze Cooperativa, 2007). Homeland is her first film appearance.

ERRIKOS LITSIS. Errikos Litsis studied statistics and management at the University of Piraeus. He studied acting and pantomime at the Allagon theatre. For many years he participated in the amateur theatre group of Nea Smyrni. He has worked as a stand-up comedian and radio producer. He had leading parts in the feature films Matchbox (Y.Ikonomidis), Delivery (N.Panayotopoulos), Tsiou!.. (M.Papadimitropoulos), Soul Kicking (Y.Ikonomidis), False Alarm (K.Evangelakou), Pals (S.Goritsas), Canteen (St.Kaplanidis). He has also participated in the films Like Chef Like God (St.Niziris), Coming as a Friend (D.Masklavanou), Small Crime (Ch.Georgiou), Klironomos (P.Fafoutis) among others, the short films Guardian Angel, Last Try, The Dog, Marios and the Crow, 240, among others, and the prime-time TV-series 10, Amyna Zonis, Karyotakis, among others. His theatre credits include the stage performances The Bug, Festen, Cruel and Tender, The Rainmaker, Happy Days, L’ Affaire de la rue de Lourcine.

ARIS LOUZIOTIS – sound editing, sound design. Aris is an experienced sound editor and mixer specializing in original, creative and innovative sound design. He uses a mixture of natural and synthesized sounds for his pallet which has led to a proven track record of technical and creative achievement in both film and advertising work including collaborations with clients such as New Line Cinema, and Ogilvy. Through his company, Milk Audio, Aris has worked for a diverse range of projects which include  feature films such as The Sickhouse (New Line, 2006), Bombil And Beatrice (idream 2007) G. Haritidis’ award winning short Herostratos (2008) and Syllas Tzoumerkas’ Homeland (2010). Aris’ eclectic training as a sonic artist and his Masters in Audio Production inform his unique approach to screen sound.

PANTELIS MANTZANAS – cinematography. Born in 1976 in Athens, Greece. Studied cinematography at the L.Stavrakos film school (1996-1999). His personal work includes theatre  lighting, cinematography for music videos and video documentaries, for the awarded short films The Devouring Eyes (Official Selection – in competition – Cannes IFF 2001, Jury Prize – Karlovy Vary IFF 2001), Sunday Rides (Greek Society of Film Technicians Award at the Drama short FF 2004), A General’s Widow and School under occupation, as well as for the upcoming feature film Homeland by Syllas Tzoumerkas (produced by Fantasia Audiovisual, Greek Film Center, ERT SA, Pan Productions, Homemade films and Danza Projekt).

CHRISTOS PASSALIS – Thanos. Christos Passalis was born in Thessaloniki. He graduated from NTNG (National Theatre of Northern Greece) Drama School in 2000. He participated in theatrical productions directed by Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, Nikita Milivojevic, Michail Marmarinos, Yiorgos Lanthimos. In 2004, he founded the theatre group blitz with Angeliki Papoulia and Yiorgos Valais. He writes, directs and performs in the group’s pieces since then. He participated in the following films: Homeland (dir. Syllas Tzoumerkas – Critics’ Week, Venice Film Festival 2010), Black Field (dir. Vardis Marinakis 2009), Dogtooth (dir. Yiorgos Lanthimos – Cannes Film Festival, “Un Certain Regard” Prize 2009, Best Supporting Actor, Greek Film Academy 2010).

DIMITRA SAKKATOU – the Doctor’s Wife. Dimitra Sakkatou was born in Athens where she graduated from college with a Bachelor in Arts, majoring in English Literature. Soon followed studies in dance at the Royal Ballet School of London. Suitably, pursuing her interest in the realm of theatre, she attended the International School of Theatre Jacques Lecoq in Paris,  to complete with more acting at David Mamet’s, Atlantic School of Acting in New York. She has participated as a dancer in productions in Athens and abroad while lately she assisted in a theatre production. Homeland by Syllas Tzoumerkas is her first movie participation

MAYOU TRIKERIOTI production designer. Mayou Trikerioti  is a set and costume designer. In the past ten years she has designed more than 40 productions for a diverse group of directors and spaces, both in Greece and the Uk. Mayou has also been teaching Stage Design for beginners in a private graduate school in Greece, and has had her work exhibited in design exhibitions in Toronto, London, Sheffield, Athens and Prague and included in publications both in Greece and the Uk. She holds a BA Hons in Drama and Theatre Studies from the University of Kent and a postgraduate -distinction- in Theatre Design from the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

SYLLAS TZOUMERKAS – direction, screenplay. Syllas Tzoumerkas was born in 1978. He studied film-direction, theatre and acting in Athens, Utrecht and New York. He directed the awarded short films The Devouring Eyes (official selection – Cannes Film Festival Cinefondation 2001, Jury Prize – Karlovy Vary Festival 2001) and Rain (Best Short Film – Greek Film Awards 2002). He worked as a director for the TV-documentary shows Fakeloi (2004-2007) and Paraskinio (episode: Ezra Pound – I Wanted to Write Paradise, 2004). As an actor, he participated in the devised theatre performances The Narrator is Absent (Erasers, Geneva Mapping Festival 2010) and Cinemascope (Blitz Ensemble, Athens Festival-Bios 2010). Homeland is his first feature film.

YORGOS VALAIS – The doctor. Actor, dramatist and co-director of Blitz theatre group (Motherland, Joy Division, New Order, The House – BIOS Athens 2005-2009, Faust – a co-direction at the Greek National Theater 2009, Katerini – Athens Festival 2010, Guns! Guns! Guns! – Greek National Theater 2010, Cinemascope – Athens Festival 2010). As an actor he took part in several plays (National Anthem, R. + J.: The third memory, The Lower Depths, Kafeneio, etc.), as well as in Kiros Papavassiliou’s short film In The Name of the Sparrow (official selection – Cannes Film Festival 2007).

PANOS VOUTSARAS – editing. Studied IT programming and film. He edited the feature films With Heart and Soul by Pantelis Voulgaris, Makronissos by Ilias Giannakakis (Audience award – Thessaloniki IFF), Story 52 by Alexis Alexiou (Official Selection – Rotterdam IFF 2008, Toronto IFF, Screenplay award – Sitges Festival, etc.), Pink by Alexandros Voulgaris (Best film – Istanbul Independent FF), Rakushka by Fotini Siskopoulou (Best editing – Kairo IFF), Alemaya by Ilias Giannakakis, Crying? by Alexandros Voulgaris. He has edited 23 short films, among them the awarded The dog, The Bear and the Rabbit (best editing – Drama short FF), Pure Youth, Red Sky (best editing – Drama short FF), Aristides Alopekas, Rain, The Hawker, Remember me?. His TV-credits include collaborations with the documentary shows Fakeloi, Paraskinio and Reportaz horis synora. He directed the student short films Continuous Vexation and Continuous Vexation II. For his work in the sound of the film With Heart and Soul, he won, together with C.Varybopiotis, St.Efthymiou and D.Voutsas, the award of the Hellenic Film Academy.

EVI ZAFIROPOULOU – make-up artist. Evi Zafiropoulou studied in Athens and Bruxelles. She has worked as make-up artist in several stage performances and, since 2007, she is the head of the make-up department of the Greek National Theatre. She was the head make-up artist in several feature films (Homeland, Ricordi Mi, Bank Bang, Slaves in their Bonds, Correction, Alter Ego, Soul Kicking, Opa!, My Family and Other Animals, Hostage, Brides, A Touch of Spice, Alemaya, Atlas (The Weight of the World), The Only Journey of his Life (make-up award – Greek Film Awards 2000), etc.. She has also signed the make-up for TV-films and series, commercials, video clips and the awarded short films Transit (make-up award – Drama Short Film Festival), Loulou’s Snails, Red Sky, Pendulum among others.

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