Opening towards dirty memories

by Annika Gustafsson (Sydsvenskan)

FILM. In the shadow of the deep economic crisis a new generation of film makers are appearing. Despite small production budgets and while waiting for the Papandreou government to pull through a better and more modern state program for film making, a line of younger film makers are attracting attention with titles such as ”Dogtooth”, ”Homeland”, ”Attenberg” and ”Apnea”. (…) The Greeks aren’t just fighting a financial crisis. These movies also confirm that there is also an identity crisis, that at times require both looking back and as well as opening up for dirty memories, in order to move ahead. (…) “Homeland” by Syllas Tzoumerkas starts off with a tragic, fictional incident, when a couple take over the son of a psychologically unstable sister. In flashbacks we’re told the story about the adoption. At the same time the story happens in Athens and Thessaloniki of today, the riots of last autumn with the well-known police shooting of a young demonstrator, as well as the oppressing regime of military junta 1967-1974. In “Homeland” the grown-up sons start uncovering one layer after another about their background, something that becomes a metaphor for the political development of the last 40 years.



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